What are good SAT scores?

In reality, there is no single answer to this question because good SAT scores for universities vary depending on where you’re applying…

This means that for some schools, a score of 1400 will be significantly high, whereas for others (i.e., top 20 schools) it’ll be fairly low. As you might’ve guessed, ultra-competitive, top-ranked schools typically look for some of the highest SAT scores in applicants.

The SAT score range is between 400 and 1600 for your total score, and 200-800 for each of your two subscores. One subscore is for Math, and one subscore is your combined Reading and Writing scores to make one “Evidence-Based Reading and Writing” score.

The 50th-percentile SAT composite score—the average SAT score—is between 1050 and 1060.(The test is deliberately designed so that the average score hovers around 1000 on the 1600-point scale—about 500 per subsection). The average score for math is between 520 and 530 (520 is 49th-percentile and 530 is the 54th). The average SAT score for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing is between 530 (49th percentile) and 540 (53rd percentile).

SAT test scores follow a normal distribution. This means that student performance tends to cluster around the middle of the scale. Far fewer test-takers score towards the higher and lower end of the scale.

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