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Test preparation does not need to be painful. 01


To help students understand just how much control each of them truly has when it comes to beating the SAT and the ACT. Crushing these exams isn’t about raw intelligence. It is about cultivating an awareness of just how these tests are really crafted. In the Berkeley-Educators universe, everyone wins. We’re happy when our students are happy, which in turn, makes their parents happy. Like we said, everyone wins.


Our Philosophy 02

Test preparation does not need to be painful. Berkeley-Educators understands just how demanding the life of the typical high school student currently is. Between high school teams, travel teams, secret underground travel teams, clubs, jobs and maybe even some homework, it all can seem so overwhelming. We actively seek to not exacerbate what can already be a challenging daily routine by creating a dynamic classroom environment that will leave our students feeling both informed and mildly entertained. After every three-hour session, our students feel less stressed and often even oddly excited to keep coming back.

Live Classes & Successful Students

There is no substitute for a classroom with a dedicated teacher who provides individual attention to each and every student.

Our Professional Staff

Berkeley Educators’ faculty consists of experienced professionals who are deeply committed to helping students achieve their dreams.


We have workshops designed to help parents on SAT/ACT/College Planning. Students and parents will be shown how to do college research to better understand how to play this life-determining game.

What Matter to the Students? 03


Average class size is less than 10 students to ensure maximum teachers-students focus ratio.


Students’ academic levels play an important role in learning experience.  Either end of the students can get frustrated in times.  Understanding this reality, we break up classes accordingly regardless of how small the ultimate classes may become!  Students’ success is nonetheless our top-most priority!


To ensure that students’ speed of improvement as well as high knowledge retention rates, students are always distributed concise materials one day ahead of classes.  Students are expected to be well-prepared for the up-coming class & focused on class activities in order to achieve maximum efficiency!



Students’ success is always maximized with family help and support.  Students need constant motivation not only from us, but also from YOU!


To help flatten the learning-curve, we also make use of the Google Classroom that all HS students are already very familiar with since their middle school years.  Our homework is meant to be for re-enforcement only.  Students should be able to finish the homework within 30 minutes of their busy schedule.


This is crucial to every one of our students.  As we will not waste any time during any class, Classwork plays the most important part in each session.  Our teachers will challenge all students with mind-opening questions and make every effort to guide students through all solutions to tough questions.